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Arkansas Flight serves Pre-K through 12th grade
Arkansas Flight is a non-profit youth sports organization with the mission of mentoring and educating. Our primary focus is providing a quality youth basketball experience, while encouraging our athletes to develop life skills and embrace educational opportunities.
Through our partnership with AAO, Arkansas Flight teams play under the AAO banner and have access to an even broader range of resources. All AAO Flight teams will compete on a national level and receive training from experienced coaches throughout the state.
In addition to athletic skill progression, Arkansas Flight seeks to give each participant an advantage in the classroom through our Leadership Academy program. We will provide tutors to student athletes in need of academic support and will offer our high school students the opportunity to take the ACT Prep course with no cost to the student. The hope is that sports participation under the Arkansas Flight staff and volunteers will help discourage school truancy, dropouts, juvenile violence, and gang involvement.
What sets Arkansas Flight apart from other youth organizations in Central Arkansas is our dedication to developing athletes mentally, physically, and academically. By working with the family and community, our goal is to provide positive role models and character building situations that contribute to overall youth development.
Objectives of Arkansas Flight Programs
1) Through coaching, participants will learn to:
• Encourage the pursuit of achieving both individual and team goals
• Promote sportsmanship
• Show respect for individuals, including teammates and competitors alike
• Develop core offensive and defensive fundamentals
• Provide a fun and winning environment for players
• Learn and teach discipline under the concept of T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More)
2) In addition to providing the highest quality of coaching and fundamental skill development, our ambition will be aimed toward keeping the youth of today in the classroom and steered away from negative influences. Mentoring and tutoring will provide continual academic development to bring students to proficiency based on standardized education metrics.
3) Participants will have the opportunity to travel within the state of Arkansas and throughout the country to compete at a high level which will build character and confidence. Participating in sports teaches children and teenagers how to compete in the real world. As they grow older they'll face competition in school, in the workforce and other areas of life. Playing sports can help kids understand how competition works in a friendly environment, and that if you try your hardest, you have a better chance to succeed.